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My Amazon Problem is Resolved

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Update: I just got an email from Amazon telling me the problem was resolved. Here’s what it said: “Thank you for writing to with your concern. I’m sorry for the difficulty you experienced using our web site. The issue causing this problem has now been resolved, and you should be able to create Tags. We appreciate your patience. Thanks again for your contributions to the community.”
I also went to some of the other well known breastfeeding books on Amazon and created similar tags for those books. This should help new moms find the resources they need.

Now to the original post:
Sometimes it pays to be a nudge. For weeks I’ve been pestering Amazon about the fact that their site would not let me create a “tag” for my book that said “breastfeeding.” The problem is now fixed.
I went onto the Amazon page that sells my book Mama Knows Breast today, and tried one last time to create the tag. And lo and behold it worked! I had no idea it was fixed. I was actually still waiting for a response from customer service.
So Amazon, kudos to you for realizing breastfeeding is not a dirty word. But please, get your customer service department to shape up. I was one step away from writing you a nasty-gram. Then you would have seen the true nudge come out.

Still Trying to Get Amazon to Let Me Create a Tag That Says Breastfeeding

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So far, I haven’t had any luck with my quest to create certain “tags” on the Amazon page that sells my book. Amazon won’t accept any variation of the word breastfeeding. I wrote about this here and here last week. Since then, I wrote yet another letter to Amazon. I got a pretty lame response today.
Here’s my letter.
To the Amazon Team:
I have been trying to create tags for various forms of the word breastfeeding. Breast feeding. Breast-feeding. Breastfeed, breast feed, breast-feed. Amazon will not let me do this. The title of my book is “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” So these tags are very important to me.
I wrote about my trouble with this on my blog. My blog is linked through RSS to the Amazon site, so the post is visible on my sales page. Can someone please help me resolve this problem? Thank you.
Here’s the response:
Andi, Thanks for contacting us at
I’m sorry, but I will need to research the tag feature further. I
will write back to you with an answer within the next 5-6business
Thank you in advance for your patience, and thanks for shopping at

To Clarify My Earlier Post on Amazon Tags

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Just to be clear, you can still go to the main Amazon search bar and type in the word breastfeeding. This will take you to a big list of breastfeeding books. So customers aren’t at a total loss.
But the beauty of a tag is that it enables you to find other products that people have similarly tagged. For example, if I click on my tag “lactation,” Amazon brings me to books, bras, tea and nursing pads. These are items that other customers have tagged with the word lactation.
To learn more about tags, and other ways to use them, click here for information from Amazon.

Amazon Won’t Let Me Use the Word BreastFeed as a Tag For My Book

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I’ve been having an odd problem with Amazon lately. The page where my book Mama Knows Breast is sold has a space where you can create “tags” for the book. These words help people find books that they might find useful.
I was able to create a whole series of tags related to my book. Words like “nursing,” “lactation,” “baby gift” worked. But there are certain tags Amazon simply won’t let me create. I can’t create a tag that says “breast feeding” or “breastfeeding” or “breast-feeding.” Other variations that won’t work: breastfed, breast fed, breast-fed, breast feed, breastfeed or breast-feed. You get the idea. Even simply, “breast” won’t work. Elisabeth Squires, author of the new book “bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls” told me Amazon won’t let her use the tag “boob.”
I imagine this is some sort of super duper anti-porn spam filter at work here. But it’s quite silly given the subject matter of the book. I’ve tried to contact Amazon customer service through the website a few times and haven’t gotten a response.
Does anyone have any suggestions? How can we get Amazon to wake up and smell the coffee?