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Moms in the Philippines Aim to Set Breastfeeding World Record

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A group of moms in the Philippines are trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of people breastfeeding at one time. They’ll go for the record on May 4 at a sports stadium. The previous record, of 1,130 women, was set in 2002 in Berkely, CA.

World Health Organization Releases New Standards for Kids’ Growth

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The World Health Organization has released a new study that gives guidance on how every child in the world should grow. These new standards, which are based on kids who were breastfed, show that growth is influenced more by nutrition and healthcare than by genetics or ethnicity. Here’s the press release from the WHO.

Study Finds That Breastfeeding Prevents Obesity in Kids

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A study in the May issue of the medical journal “Diabetes Care” found that moms who had gestational diabetes (diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy) can cut the risk that their children will be overweight if they breastfeed longer than three months. The study was done in Germany. Here’s a link to the press release about the study.

Tom Cruise on Breastfeeding…PLUS… A New Way To Remember Which Breast to Use for the Next Feeding

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Here’s a quote from Tom Cruise on how he and Katie Holmes are handling the breastfeeding and diapering.
You may have heard that it’s a good idea to alternate breasts at each feeding. In other words, let your baby eat until he’s done from one side. At the next feeding, use the other breast. This enables the baby to get that precious “hind milk” that comes in after the baby has been feeding for a while. Great idea, but try remembering which boob to use when you were barely awake during the last feeding. Well here’s a something that seems like a clever idea. It’s a bra that has an indicator, a velcro patch, that you move from one breast to the other. Only a mom could have come up with something like this!

Oregon Breastfeeding Mom Takes on Department Store

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A mother in Portland, Oregon was breastfeeding her baby at the Fred Meyer grocery store when a store manager asked her to stop. Angered, she contacted the company. As a result of her complaints, Fred Meyer apologized and said it will take steps to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.
Here’s the mom’s blog about her experience.
Here’s a local news story about the incident.
Here’s the store, Fred Meyer.