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Tom Cruise on Breastfeeding…PLUS… A New Way To Remember Which Breast to Use for the Next Feeding

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Here’s a quote from Tom Cruise on how he and Katie Holmes are handling the breastfeeding and diapering.
You may have heard that it’s a good idea to alternate breasts at each feeding. In other words, let your baby eat until he’s done from one side. At the next feeding, use the other breast. This enables the baby to get that precious “hind milk” that comes in after the baby has been feeding for a while. Great idea, but try remembering which boob to use when you were barely awake during the last feeding. Well here’s a something that seems like a clever idea. It’s a bra that has an indicator, a velcro patch, that you move from one breast to the other. Only a mom could have come up with something like this!

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