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MA Hospitals Say NO to Formula Freebies

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If you’ve had a baby recently you may have gotten a gift bag on your way out of the hospital. These spiffy black totes come filled with gifts…primarily formula samples and coupons. So guess who’s behind the bags…the formula companies of course.
In Massachusetts, state policy makers are debating whether to ban the bags. Meanwhile, some hospitals are opting to stop giving out the bags altogether.
Personally, I like the bags. I got one when we had The Bortski at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and I still use it. It’s held up remarkably well for the past 20 months. I got another one when we had The Titty Bear at Mt. Sinai in New York City. I don’t care that they’ve come from a company with an agenda. I save the coupons, intending to use them; and I never do. And I save the formula samples in case of emergency. Getting these bags really didn’t have any impact on my decision to breastfeed or not. Simply put…it saved me from spending a ridiculous amount of money on a fancy diaper bag that would get ruined by weather and spit up.

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