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Springing a Leak

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We took a breastfeeding class before The Bortsky was born. Of course I retained virtually nothing from that lesson. And I definitely missed the discussion about the fact that breastfeeding boobs leak. Yes, that’s right. Your breasts take on a life of their own. Sometimes they spontaneously start gushing. Sometimes you know when it’s going to happen. Either way, it can be both embarassing and annoying.
Let’s take the spontaneous gush. Once, in the middle of an exercise class, I looked down to find one side of my leotard completely and utterly soaked. And we’re not talking sweat here. A motherly soul leaned over to me and whispered, “Press your hands against your breasts. That will make it stop.” Uh, too little too late.
Or how about the predictable leak? This often occurs when you’re feeding the baby. The side not in use still gets it’s juices flowing too. The result…a nice wet spot that goes from your bra, through your shirt and right onto your baby’s leg. Great, now you have to change his clothes. Again.
So what’s a Mama to do? To avoid the public show of wetness, buy some pads to put inside your bra. You can find disposable or reusable (ie. washable) ones. Both do the trick. But both stink as well. The washable ones are builky and very visible under a shirt. The disposable ones, I’ve found, tend to mush up into soggy packets that slip to the underside of your boob.
Of course at home, just as I sit down to breastfeed, I always seem to be without said pads. Imagine rooting around a dark bedroom at 3 in the morning, trying not to wake your husband who has to be up in 3 hours. Or imagine sitting on the new sofa (“Please, Bortsky, let’s wash your hands before you climb up!!”), fearing some spillage that might just run down your stomach. In either of these scenarios, grab the nearest thing at hand. A burb cloth, baby blanket, husband’s undershirt or dirty sock will do.
So what do you do to avoid the stains on your shirt? Carry an extra outfit with you everywhere you go? Wear five layers of clothing, even on a spring day? Write back with your comments to tell me how you stop the flow.

One Response to “Springing a Leak”

You may have stopped leaking so much by now, but at night, I would sleep topless and just throw a cloth diaper (or I suppose a towel would do) over the “unused” breast while nursing. During the day, I used LilyPadz, which I found worked terrifically well. Not cheap, but one pair will do ya.

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