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21st Century Mama

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I’ve never done this blog thing before. In fact, I’m actually a very “analog” person. I don’t own an iPod. I can barely program the TIVO. I don’t know how to upload photos from our camera to the computer. I’ve taken hours and hours of video, but the tapes are sitting in my desk. And when our babysitter said she would be lost without Facebook, I felt compelled to tell her that I wrote most of my high school papers on a typewriter and went to college before there were cell phones.
And yet, this blog thing is becoming addictive. So here’s something I’ve learned so far: it’s cool when another blog references your blog. This happened to me yesterday. A blog called The Lactivist wrote a post about “Mama Knows Breast.” You should check out this site. The author has some really hilarious t-shirts for sale. Here are a few examples of the t-shirt slogans. For moms, there’s: “Milk Jugs.” For babies, there’s “nip/suck.” And for dad’s, there’s “I Play With My Baby’s Food.” Hilarious, right?!
So humor me while I learn this blog thing. Your suggestions of ways to improve the site are welcome. I leave you now to check my Filofax and use my land line to call 411.

4 Responses to “21st Century Mama”

Hi there.. Nice website, I love the name of you book “Mama Knows Breast!” I think it’s great that you are writing a book about all the advantures.. I, like yourself have just started a business myself for breastfeeding mums and have a section in there for mums to enter their stories to encourage other beginner mums at breastfeeding. Will put a link on there to your page if you don’t mind. :)

This is great! Although I’m past the breastfeeding days I know I’m going to enjoy reading the commentary and “reliving” a few of those breastfeeding moments myself.
Congratulations on the book!

I check out the Lactavist blog every so often, and saw your mention today, so I had to come and say hello! :)
I nursed my boys forever (3.75y & 5.75y), and even though it’s been a long time since they weaned, I still hang around on the BFing/FF debate board on
I have tons of articles on babies, BFing & natural parenting on my website – now I am branching off into the blog world myself.
I have several blogs now. The one that might be of interest would be my Frugal Baby Tips: , but I also have a blog on Pregnancy & Birth stories over 44y: among others.
Hope you have a great time with your new blog!

Welcome to the blogosphere! And to the much, much smaller group of lawyers-turned-birth-&-BF- bloggers. Uh, let’s see, there’s me, you, Doulicia, mmm… I’m forgetting someone. Anyway. Your website looks great. Best Wishes!

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