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And the Booby Prize Goes to— McDonald’s in the UK

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A UK based non-profit has awarded the breastfeeding “booby prize” to McDonald’s in Britain. The organization, National Childbirth Trust (NCT), says that women find the fast food chain unaccomodating to breastfeeding moms. NCT says moms have been asked to either stop breastfeeding, or take their babes to the “loo.” How unappealing. McDonald’s in the UK has defended itself in the media, saying its policy is to allow breastfeeding in its restaurants. NCT did give high honors to Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant.
So does McDonald’s have a bad rap here on the other side of the Atlantic? Have you been forced to take your tot’s very own “fast food” somewhere else? Tell us your views. And who do you think deserves the booby prize closer to home?

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