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Question From A New Mom– Any Advice for Her?

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If there’s one things we moms know, it’s pain. Our backs hurt when we’re pregnant. Childbirth is… well you fill in the blank with whatever adjective you’d like. And then, sometimes, breastfeeding can have its ups and downs.
One mom wrote to me asking if people had some advice for a problem she’s having now. She’s going to check with her midwife to see what’s going on. But in the meantime, she wanted to know what all of you out there had to say. Here’s what she wrote:
“I’ve got an eleven week old and we’ve been breastfeeding without too many problems, only over the last week or so, I’ve got this painful white spot on one nipple. When it first appears, I’ve got some sore, swollen breast tissue in the area of the spot. The soreness goes away after several good nursings, but the blister doesn’t go away and continues to be sensitive, if not painful. I’m soaking it and using compresses before nursing, trying to nurse and pump frequently. It’s appeared twice, once last week, and it went away in a couple of days, but now it’s back. It’s not too bothersome, but I would be interested to know what other women have done to deal with them.”
So calling all mamas, any thoughts for our friend?

6 Responses to “Question From A New Mom– Any Advice for Her?”

I’ve had one of those, it is called a bleb or milk blister. Here is some info on what it is. Be very careful because after I get these I have gotten breast infections.

Try nursing in a different position, have your child’s chin pointing towards the white spot. This happened to me twice! It will go away!

I’ve had that a few times too and although it’s probably not the best/safest thing to do, I picked it right off. It was the only thing that helped relieve the engorgement and pain. Pumping, hot compresses, massage and nursing a gazillion times did not help. Just wash your hands and be careful!

I’ve had that too with my 2nd child, tried feeding in different position and other stuff too, but in the end, my gyne poked a needle thru and squeezeeee…. OUCH~~ not that there was anything in that white spot. but after some cream and mild anti-biotics. It was all gone!

I also had this experience. The best thing for me was using cabbage. I put it in my bra for hours and it relieved the pressure. I also squeezed the spot and clear fluid came out. But the spot didn’t go away until I stopped nursing, which was many many months later. Try the cabbage. It really does work.

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