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The Key Players on Mama Knows Breast

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A few months ago, I wrote a guide to the key players, the people you’ll meet, here on Mama Knows Breast. Since many of you are joining now for the first time, I thought I’d do an updated version.
Mama: That’s me. A 37 year old mother of two boys under two. As of today, one is 2 years old and the other is six months old. I haven’t slept (really slept) since December of 2003. That’s when I got pregnant the first time.
DaDa: Obviously, of course, this is Mama’s husband. To get the best sense of this name, envision a two year old begging to be let out of his room, at 6 in the morning, plaintively repeating, “Da-Da, please help. Hey, Da-da, please help. Come get me, Dada.”
Bortski: That’s the two year old. We came up with his nickname one day when he was a baby and had a little cold. He was making all sorts of snorting noises through his stuffed nose. He thus became “Snortsky.” Over time, this evolved to “Bortski.” Of course, we do call him by his real name too.
The Titty Bear: This is our six month old. He’s still breastfeeding, hence the nickname.
Nana Funny Socks: This is Mama’s mama. Bortski started to call her Nana Funny Socks after observing her stocking knee-highs. Quite glamorous, I’m sure he thought.
Big: This is Mama’s mama’s mama. In other words, Mama’s grandmother. Or in other words, Nana Funny Socks’ mama. Bortski gave her the nickname. She was the “big” nana, ie. the older nana. For a while she was Nana Big, then just “Big.”
Papa Peekaboo: DaDa’s dada. He likes to play peekaboo. He’s a newlywed, often seen hanging out with his wife “Toto.” Again, Bortski created nicknames.
Papa Harry: Mama’s dada. He goes with his wife Carol and their cat Mimi. This Mimi is not to be confused with “Mimi,” the stuffed animal the Bortski sleeps with every night.
Uncle Hey Dude and Auntie Ca-Ca: Mama’s brother and sister in law. My brother taught the Bortski to say “Hey Dude.”
Uncle Spaulding and Aunti Ga-Ga: Dada’s brother and sister in law. Uncle Spaulding is a nickname Dada gave his brother years ago. It’s a long story but has something to do, I think, with the movie Caddy Shack.

3 Responses to “The Key Players on Mama Knows Breast”

this is very funny. what’s auntie ca ca’s real name? my sister went by a similar moniker until our daughter was close to three.

Auntie CaCa is really “Erica.” What’s your sister’s name?

my sis’s name is checka — short for francesca — luckily, she found her new nickname amusing!

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