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Way to Go Vanity Fair—The Suri Scoop

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As I’ve said, it’s not breastfeeding news, but I can’t help myself. Like many others, I’ve been fascinated by the baby Suri story. I couldn’t wait for my October issue of Vanity Fair to arrive, so I bought a copy at a newsstand. The reward— ok, so I got to see the very first public photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby. But what did I really get? An incredibly disappointing piece of “journalism.” What a waste of money.
I’ve been a Vanity Fair fan for years. In fact, I worked for a Conde Nast publication after graduating college. (I was a fact checker at Conde Nast Traveler). While Vanity Fair has it’s share of fluff, and a viewpoint to be sure, I always felt that the journalism wasn’t so bad. Well, not this piece.
For twenty-two pages we get to see some beautiful Annie Liebovitz photographs. But there’s not one ounce of interesting news. There’s nothing about Cruise’s public feud with Brooke Shields about her battle with post-partum depression; nothing about his Scientology faith; nothing about his recent split with Paramount Pictures. Sure, we read that Tom is a doting dad and that Katie is upset about all the rumors in the media. But the whole week-long gathering of the extended Holmes and Cruise clans at Tom’s 400 acre retreat in Telluride, CO seems little more than a P.R. stunt. The reporter spent “the good part of a week” there and this is all she got?
So what did I learn from the story? Here’s a quote for you: “Most mornings, everyone tries to be the first to pick up the baby from her crib or to offer her a morning bottle.” Is breast milk or formula in there? Maybe I’ll write a letter to the editor of VF to find out. In the meantime, anyone want my subscription copy when it finally arrives?

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