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Breast feeding Blogs

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According to my husband, I’m very “Web 2.0” for running this blog. Web 2.0? As he explained, it more or less means being part of the second wave of the Internet, the wave after the crash. Check Wikipedia for a further definition.
In any case, I think he was referring to the fact that I’m sometimes distracted by trying to “optimize my blog for search,” i.e. make it easier for people to find my blog. I’ve been running this blog since April, but every day I’m figuring out some cool new trick. I’m really a neophyte at this. Plus, I’m frequently corresponding with people I’ve met through my blog. In fact, I’ve actually stumbled upon a few other women who are also running breastfeeding blogs. We’ve been emailing, and in some cases, helping each other figure out the technical nuances of making a blog run well.
The most established breast feeding blog is The Lactivist. Jennifer just had her second baby, and is providing great running commentary on the early weeks of breast feeding. She also sells some really funny t-shirts with breast feeding slogans. My favorite says “Milk Jugs.” Based on her archives, it looks like she’s been running the blog since November 2005. Happy Anniversary, Lactivist.
The Motherwear Blog is a new blog that started running in September. It’s connected to the clothing manufacturer Motherwear, which makes maternity, nursing and kids clothes. The blogger, Tanya, is a lactation consultant.
Then there’s Breastfeeding123. I think the blogger, Angela, just started doing the blog this month, but I like the information she puts up. There’s always something cool to check out, like this site with breastfeeding art.
Just this week I “met” Sinead, a breast feeding blogger in Ireland. The breastfeedingmums blog will introduce you a whole new vocabulary. Do you know what a cotbed is?
Finally, I’ve had some interesting discussion with moms on the website Part of the site is a chat room devoted to breastfeeding. Write a post or entry in the discussion forum and watch the responses pile up.
So check out these fellow booby bloggers. Maybe this is the start of Mommy Bloggers 2.0.

2 Responses to “Breast feeding Blogs”

Just thought I’d better clarify what a cotbed is.
A cot is what Americans refer to as a crib, I think! It is a little bed with bars on both sides and top and bottom panels so that the baby can’t fall out or climb out. A cotbed is a cot with removable sides so it can be used as a first bed. It tends to have a very low base so that young children won’t hurt themselves if they fall out – as they don’t fall very far.
As a matter of fact my two daughters often slept right through the fall and were totally unaware of falling at all!
I hope this helps people understand a cotbed! Isn’t the English language very diverse…and confusing at times?

Hi my name is Kira and I have a 5 week old baby girl who is a “slow feeder” and awakes and coos and plays sometimes but most times I cannot wake her up to feed. She is finally gaining weight but SLOWLY. She is 9.6 and was 9.3 at birth. She has only gained three ounces in the last week and before she was not even at her birth weight. She will not open her eyes but will cry and fuss when in this state, needless to say it is scary. Other times she is alert and active. She could be lethargic from lack of food, we are unsure and my ped is unsure, not paniced yet but not happy either… If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate it ammensly, I have to wake her up to feed and sometimes I miss the alarm as I have another child and am exhasted…Needless to say I am worried and beyond..
Thanks so much…

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