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Breast Feeding Quote of The Day

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Here’s another feature I’m starting…my favorite breast feeding quote of the day.
This week, it’s courtesy of our two year old, The Bortski.
Let me set the scene: I’m trying to eke out a few more minutes in bed with my eyes closed. The Bortski appears at the side of the bed, his head level with mine. He picks my “over the shoulder boulder holder” (ie. my nursing bra) off the floor, holds it up over his head and says, “Mommy, put your boobies away.”
As they say…out of the mouths of babes…

3 Responses to “Breast Feeding Quote of The Day”

Haha, that made me smile. My little girl once asked me to open my little cupboard (nursing bra) to feed the baby!

Ha! I’ve discovered that when I’m nursing my 4 week old, my 2 year old will come to observe. If I happen to have ANY stomach showing (especially my belly button) she will point, make a face and go “Yuck! Yuck!”
Thanks kid. :-P I keep telling her I’ll remember that when she’s a teenager and tries to show off her belly.

When I was nursing my 2nd, my 1st, who was then 2y9m old, told me that one side made milk and one side made juice!

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