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Hip to NIP (Nurse in Public)?

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Remember the brouhaha last month when Toys R Us in Times Square asked a breastfeeding mom to take it elsewhere? First there was the incident. Then there was the protest outside the store.
To see if anything has changed in Manhattan since then, a New York Daily News reporter went under cover–so speak– taking her baby with her on a breastfeeding excursion around New York City. The assigment…figure out places where it’s “hip to nip.”
Her findings: An ultra fancy restaurant, Le Cirque? No problem. Public bus? Just fine. The Apple Store? Check. The Metropolitan Museum of Art? More or less fine. Babies “R” Us? Believe it or not, some bumps in the road.
So how do you feel about nursing in public? Comfortable? Uncomfortable? Personally, I’ve feed our kids anywhere and everywhere…as long as it won’t completely offend the people around me. I’ve breastfeed while getting a pedicure; while the baby was getting an ultrasound of his hip; and while sitting in a parked car during a funeral at West Point.
But now I’d love to hear from you. Share your stories about your most unusual lactation location.

5 Responses to “Hip to NIP (Nurse in Public)?”

I’ve NIP anywhere that I felt comfortable doing so. Luckily, no one has ever asked me to stop. I can’t think of a place that would really be off limits to NIP, although there are places I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable.

This is definitely a touchy subject. My feelings about it – I won’t be slave to my home because others are uncomfortable my breastfeeding. At the same time, I am aware of others feelings. So I make sure to be as discrete as possible. I’ve never come across anyone that had the nerve to disapprove. Infact I’ve experienced the opposite. I’ve been allowed to sit in the back office of a store and a restaurant. The alternative is a screeming baby. Take your pick.

I’d rather think of my hungry baby than what the others might think. If they are uncomfortable with what I am doing, all they have to do is to go away.
Great blog, btw.

i just breast fed last week in a hunting lodge filled with men. i thought for sure someone would give us a look or something but nobody seemed to notice at all, even the waitress who took our order while i was feeding my son.

I’ve breastfed in public many places sans blanket. My son hated the blanket and it always seemed more obvious than without. My favorite was pumping in public though. I was at an all day outdoor rock concert and i brought my pump and a small cooler with me. When it was time, i went looking for the medical tent. I did not want to pump out in the open and the thought of doing it in a porta potty made me gag. After 1 hour of walking in circles looking and not finding the medical tent, I had started to leak and was getting very hot and frustrated. A military recruiter flagged me down, ushered me inside their tent, set me up a chair, then brought me hand sanitizer, paper towels and some bottled water. Then stood guard at the entrance till i was done. Yaay military!! I thanked him profusely and he said “no problem” like he did it all the time.

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