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Learning to Blog

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I didn’t get my first computer until I was a junior in high school. Then, when I went to college, I had that Mac Se that didn’t have a harddrive. You first inserted the disk with the software into one slot, then the disk you saved things on into the other slot. I’m just not like those crazy kids born in the 80s (our babysitters), for whom computers are intuitive.
That’s why this blogging thing seems like a bit of a joke to me at times. This site looks all fancy…but I had to pay someone to build the pretty graphics and formatting. Every now and then I email her to get help with the code. She doesn’t always respond, and so I turn to my husband for help. He’s much more savvy about this stuff than I am. But it is a little bit of the blind leading the blind…. “I think I broke your blog.” “No, I’m sure it’s fine, you can fix it.” “No really, it’s not working!!!” Argh. Ultimately, he gets the thing going again.
So here I am, trying to get as many readers as possible and learn the ways of the web. Technorati seems to be one way to increase the possibility that people will find my blog. Otherwise, I’m sure you can imagine what happens when you try to search breastfeeding on Google. There are 14,900,000 hits. And God only knows where in that list falls.
So I’m just following Technorati’s instructions. They told me to put this link here.
Technorati Profile
Let’s see what happens.

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