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Dallas Nurse In Rescheduled For Friday

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A long, long time ago, I lived in Dallas. I was there for a summer job during law school. During my stint in “The Big D” I discovered that the cowboy motif was alive and well. I learned to say “inn-surance” (emphasis on “in”) instead of “in-sur-ance” (emphasis on “sur”). And I realized I was essentially considered a foreigner since I was from Boston.
So, why in the world, you ask, did a New England girl who wore a lot of black and didn’t have big hair go to Texas? I went there for a guy, of course. And once that relationship ended I never went back. Since then, I’ve only passed through the airport on a cross-country trip. And from what I remember, that is one big airport.
So those ladies in Dallas have their work cut out for them tomorrow. Last week, during the nationwide nurse-in, police at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport turned away the moms and babes who showed up. Well now they’re coming back on Friday and holding another nurse in at 10 am at the Delta ticket counter. To see a copy of the press release, click on the word “comments” at the bottom of this entry.
You probably recall that this was all started when Emily Gillette was kicked off a Delta commuter flight (operated by Freedom Airlines) for breast feeding her daughter. During the nationwide nurse in, roughly 850 people gathered at 40 airports across the country.
After tomorrow, we should be able to add the Texas crew to the rally tally. So ladies, since everything– especially the airport– really is bigger in Texas, make sure you go to Terminal E. Remember, don’t mess with Texas!

Teething and Breast Feeding

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The Bear has teeth!
No, duh, you say. All bears have teeth. So true. But for those of you who are new here, “The Bear” is our baby. He’s now eight months old, and among other milestones (sitting up, clapping his hands and pushing himself backwards to slide on the floor) he now has two little buds poking out of his bottom gum. Very cute. But man, they hurt! He clamped down nice and hard today. I let out an involuntary yelp and pulled my boob out of his mouth. I don’t think he saw the memo yet about not biting the boob that feeds you.
Another side benefit of these two new teeth is a little extra crankiness. Of course, it seems to be rearing its head in the middle of the night. Someone recommended we rub Whiskey on his gums. We tried a little Johnnie Walker a couple of times, and it worked! But I’m afraid to keep doing that in the middle of the night, for fear of creating a new dependency in addition to his 3:00 a.m. nursing addiction. The pediatrician recommended giving him a little Tylenol or letting him suck on something cold.
Has your babe ever nipped your nip? If so, how did you react? Did it happen multiple times? How did you get the kiddo to cut it out? And how do you handle teething? Inquiring minds want to know.
By the way, for those of us with a few more teeth, we celebrated The Bear’s eight month milestone with cupcakes of course!

Join the Breast Feeding Bloggers’ Carnival

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Last month, four other moms and I who blog about breast feeding– for the sake of brevity, let’s call us “the booby bloggers”– got together to do a carnival, or joint post. As you may recall, we all wrote posts on the theme “Home For the Holidays.”
Next week, we are bringing you our monthly installment once again. This time the theme is “Gifts for the Breast Feeding Mom.” And we’re going to try something new– opening the carnival to other bloggers. We are accepting submissions and will pick five other bloggers to join in. So if you’re a mommy blogger, send me a submission by Friday. And daddy bloggers, we’d love to hear from you too. After all, you and your babes share a common fixation!

Breast Feeding Videos

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Welcome back from the long Thanksgiving weekend. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been eating your way through the past 4 days. In this family, we had Thanksgiving plus three birthdays to celebrate. So as far as The Bortski is concerned, that means there has been cake every day. As for me, the lingering leftovers drove me to the gym today. And I hate the gym.
After both kids were born, I vowed I would do a twenty minute yoga DVD in the apartment at least 3 times a week. For some reason, I’ve been less than diligent at keeping my resolution. There’s always an obstacle– diapers to change, mouths to feed, laundry to do, emails to write. In reality, it’s most likely laziness that gets in the way. But maybe this video will give you a glimpse into some of the challenges moms face when they try to work out at home. And so, courtsey of YouTube, I bring you my YouBoob video of the week. Click on the photo to watch the clip.
While yoga at home hasn’t worked out that well for me, I have managed to go to a local yoga studio that allows you to bring your baby to class. If you’re in New York City, you’ve got to check out the Prenatal Yoga Center. Maybe this is a better way to get your zen on. Then again, there’s always one or two moms (myself included) who have to stop doing downward dog to breast feed. Thankfully no one objects to the crying!

Blogs Report on the Nurse In

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As expected, the blogosphere has been buzzing all week about Emily Gillette getting kicked off a plane for breast feeding. I’ve found some interesting posts after yesterday’s nurse in and I’ll keep adding to this entry throughout the day if I find more.
Jennifer at The Lactivist writes about a run-in with an airport representative in Port Columbus, Ohio.
Chris Musser, The Reluctant Lactivist, was one of 40 moms and kids at the airport in Portland, Oregon. She describes the scene:
We got a warm reception from travellers who happened by and from the Delta employees we spoke with (I made a point of urging them to speak with their bosses about getting a written breastfeeding policy in place, which Delta is currently refusing to do). One woman…I’m guessing a former breastfeeding mom…walk by us chanting, “Yay! Breastfeeding!” I saw a number of people stop and give moms kudos to their advocacy. The director of the Port of Portland approached us about our plans and was quite positive. I had stickers with the breastfeeding icon on them which I was handing out to participants and the press…I offered him some, explaining the purpose of the icon, and he asked for multiple copies. Perhaps PDX will be one of the first airports to adopt the icon!
The Mommy Blawg, which is about the intersection of motherhood and the law, examines what happened at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Moms were turned away by the police. She writes:
Texas Health & Safety Code § 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED. A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.
Ah, how simple. Is it really to much to ask that police officers be familiar with the law? The statue was only enacted eleven years ago, so maybe the word hasn’t gotten out yet.

Ms. Booty Homemaker was at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes:
With the exception of perhaps two or three quizzical glances, we nursing families were met with great welcome, kindness and support. Two older women who’d nursed their babies years ago stopped to congratulate us and cheer us onward. One even was interviewed by the news. Another older couple stopped to speak with some mamas; the gentleman worked for Delta and wanted to express his support of us. An airport employee gave stickers to all the kids and an American Airlines flight attendant stopped to tell us that not all in her profession were offended by breastfeeding, that she herself was so glad to see us.
On The Huffington Post, Erin Kotecki Vest writes an entry called “My Tits and My Toddler Fly The Unfriendly Skies”:
I’m curious as to why those of you squeamish types can’t seem to handle a little boob. Is it because you want it to stay stuffed in a Victoria Secret bra instead of in a baby’s mouth? Does it make you uncomfortable to see what God clearly intended as man’s plaything and not a tool of nutrition used in such a vulgar manner?
Here’s another good one from The Huffington Post. Russell Shaw writes, “Bless The Moms Who Breastfeed in Public Places”:
The height of hypocrisy is that some of the same people who totally object to a mother breast-feeding her child in a public place are some of the same people who vote for “family values” conservative politicians. Although discretion is certainly appropriate in some crowded public places, and a concealing blanket isn’t a bad idea, I cannot think of a “family value” more basic than a mother feeding her child.
Finally, Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine actually linked to Mama Knows Breast when I wrote my entry about how the internet enabled all of these moms across the country to work together. The phenonemon is known as a smart mob, so he aptly titled his piece, “A Mob of Moms.”

Nurse In Round Up

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The two babies are asleep, the dishes are done, “How I Met Your Mother” is playing off our TIVO and I ate nearly a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. So at long last I was able to sift through emails, news reports and random internet ramblings. And here’s what I’ve come up with, some highlights from today:
* Forty airports across the country…from Las Vegas to Vermont.
* Roughly 850 moms, babes and supporters.
* International (Pakistan ), national (The Washington Post), and local news coverage (watch this video from a New Mexico TV station and see an interview with Emily Gillette, the woman who was kicked off the plane).
* Plus an apology from Delta.
But I think this photo, says it all. Look very closely at what she’s doing.

Nurse In News Reports

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So here are early reports from different news sources…
Of course moms and their babes were in Burlington, Vermont, where this brouhaha all started last week when Emily Gillette got kicked off a plane for breastfeeding her daughter. Today, about 25 people staged a nurse in at that airport. In Boston, five women gathered at Logan airport. Moms were also in Louisville, KentuckyIndianapolis, Indiana (see photo above)Bradley International Airport in Connecticut…Jacksonville, Florida….40 moms showed up in Portland, Oregon….and about ten moms were in Detroit, Michigan. Jennifer Laycock, of The Lactivist, was one of 12 women who were at the airport in Columbus, Ohio. She even got quoted in the local newspaper. Make sure you click on Jennifer’s site to get a good round-up from other airports as well.
I’ll bring you much more after I put The Bear to sleep, do The Bortski’s bath, books, bed and crying routing, have dinner with my husband, clean up the kitchen and self-medicate with Oreos.

Nationwide Nurse In Today

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It’s 9:15 and as I type, moms across the country are gathering at airports for a nurse in. As I’ve been reporting here, they were motivated to stage this grass roots nurse in by the story of Emily Gillette, the mom who was kicked off a Freedom Airlines flight (a commuter flight for Delta) for breastfeeding. The nurse in kicks off officially at 10 am, local time.
To monitor the progress of the nurse in plans, I subscribed to the Yahoo chat group moms were using to coordinate their efforts. This morning I woke to find 182 messages in my in-box– progress reports about t-shirts, press releases, and travel plans. From the site I found a list of least 33 airports where you can expect moms and their babes to be today.
As the day progresses, I’ll be writing periodic updates on the events. Usually each time I write a new entry I send out an email notification of the entry. To save you from In Box clutter, I won’t do that today. But do check back every few hours or so to see what’s new on my site.
Right now I have to take a shower. Good thing it isn’t de rigueur yet to use video to communicate over the internet.

Baby Videos

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For my “YouBoob” video of the week I was trying to find a scene from the NBC show The Office . I couldn’t find the clip, but the dialogue went something like this… The Scene: A woman is sitting in the middle of the office, using a breast pump. She says to her gawking co-workers, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Man: “I’m just so distracted.” Second man: “Ditto that, my brother.” (caveat: these quotes may not be exact)
Since I couldn’t find that clip, I have something else that I think will make you smile, maybe even chuckle out loud. It’s not a breast feeding clip. But courtesy of YouTube, you’ll get to see a mom and her quadruplets having a mighty grand time.

Nationwide Nurse In on Tuesday

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For the past couple of days I’ve been watching a grass roots movement in action. Moms across the country are getting together, via the internet, to organize a nationwide nurse in on Tuesday, November 21st. They’ve been galvanized by the story of Emily Gillette, the mom who was kicked off a Freedom Airlines flight (a commuter flight for Delta) for breastfeeding. Moms who have never met each other before are talking about meeting at 10 am, at Delta counters around the country. They’re drafting press releases, making t-shirts, discussing logistics, even debating the merits of organizing the event. It’s pretty cool to watch this unfold.
If you want to find specific information about the nurse in, you can check out this Yahoo Chat group. You can also check out ProMom and Mothering.
Click onto any of these links to see the internet — and some spirited women– in action.