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For my “YouBoob” video of the week I was trying to find a scene from the NBC show The Office . I couldn’t find the clip, but the dialogue went something like this… The Scene: A woman is sitting in the middle of the office, using a breast pump. She says to her gawking co-workers, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Man: “I’m just so distracted.” Second man: “Ditto that, my brother.” (caveat: these quotes may not be exact)
Since I couldn’t find that clip, I have something else that I think will make you smile, maybe even chuckle out loud. It’s not a breast feeding clip. But courtesy of YouTube, you’ll get to see a mom and her quadruplets having a mighty grand time.

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That is hilarious! Just what I needed today.

I LOVE this! What a wonderful thing to brighten our day as a Mama – the hardest job in the world! Thanks for sharing!

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