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Breast Feeding and Actress Rachel Weisz

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Here’s the latest from our celebrity mom star-struck media. People Magazine reports that actress Rachel Weisz credits breastfeeding and Pilates with helping her get back in shape after giving birth in May.
The magazine quotes her as saying:
“I don’t really have a magic potion or pill…I do Pilates. Nursing burns a lot of calories, 500 calories a day. So, if I could help promote breast-feeding, that would be a good way…I was seven months pregnant when I won the Academy Award!…Really, since then, I’ve just been a mom, mainly. It’s the most ultimate honor you can get. But I had to duck out of the rat race for a bit and be Mom… I have respect for all working moms out there, because it’s definitely a complicated balancing act, which millions of women are doing all the time…But I’m part of that club now.”
Welcome to the club, Rachel.

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