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Breast Feeding Icon– You Can Vote

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We all recognize certain international symbols. There’s no mistaking the men’s and ladies’ room. We know what a handicapped sign looks like. And of course there’s the no smoking logo.
Now the folks at Mothering magazine think it’s time for an international breastfeeding icon that could indicate a place that is breast feeding friendly. Mothering says, ” Ideally, the space would be private, quiet, with a comfortable chair and an electrical outlet for pumping.” The icon could be used in offices, restaurants, airports, malls, libraries, parks. You get the idea.
Apparently examples of breast feedind icons have been spotted in Canda and Singapore. But Mothering thought it best to create a new logo altogether. The magazine has been holding a contest to design the logo and they’ve narrowed the choices to three finalists. They’ll make the winning image available worldwide (copyright-free, as a public domain image).
So check out some of the other entries that are no longer in the running.
And while you’re at it…Vote for your favorite of the three finalists.

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