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Home For the Holidays

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Last month I wrote about the new friends I’ve made through this blog– 4 other women who are also blogging about breastfeeding. There’s Jennifer of The Lactivist, Tanya of Motherwear, Angela of Breastfeeding123 and Sinead of Breastfeedingmums. Well this crew has decided to band together once a month and bring you a “carnival of blogs.” Basically, we’ll all be writing about one particular topic, and linking to each other. This will give you the perspectives of a bunch of different booby bloggers. On my site, I’m going to call this monthly carnival, “Of Babes and Boobs.”
Next week will be the first installment of “Of Babes and Boobs.” The topic is “Home For the Holidays.” So the five of us have our homework cut out for us. We’re trying to come up with tips, stories, advice and inspiration for your holiday season as a breastfeeding mom.
My assignment isn’t due until next week, so for now, I turn to you dear readers. Do you have any stories or ideas for me? Send your letters to “Dear Mama, All I want for Christmas (or Chanukah, or whatever holiday you celebrate) is _______________.” I’ll be here, working on my list.

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