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Nationwide Nurse In on Tuesday, November 21

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When The Bortsky was a baby we took him on numerous airplane rides and I had not a single qualm about breastfeeding him. He was hungry, so he ate. Plus, it had the added benefit of keeping him from screaming bloody murder. I’m sure it also helped his ears during the flight. So I can just imagine how I would have felt if a flight attendant had asked me to stop. Could I have found myself in the same situation as Emily Gillette, the mom who was kicked off a Freedom Airlines flight for breast feeding her child?
Now, it seems a nationwide protest is brewing. This grass roots “nurse in” is scheduled to be at Delta airport counters on Tuesday, November 21, at 10 AM, local time. Freedom Airlines runs some of Delta’s regional flights.
To follow developments on the protest, check out the discussion boards at ProMom and Mothering.
To update you on Gillette’s story, Freedom Airlines has written a public letter responding to the incident. The letter says the airline disciplined the flight attendant because she acted contrary to the company’s policy which supports a mother’s right to breastfeed. The letter also said the pilot offered Gillette the chance to get back on the plane. But she says that didn’t happen. The dispute continues…

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