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Nationwide Nurse In on Tuesday

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For the past couple of days I’ve been watching a grass roots movement in action. Moms across the country are getting together, via the internet, to organize a nationwide nurse in on Tuesday, November 21st. They’ve been galvanized by the story of Emily Gillette, the mom who was kicked off a Freedom Airlines flight (a commuter flight for Delta) for breastfeeding. Moms who have never met each other before are talking about meeting at 10 am, at Delta counters around the country. They’re drafting press releases, making t-shirts, discussing logistics, even debating the merits of organizing the event. It’s pretty cool to watch this unfold.
If you want to find specific information about the nurse in, you can check out this Yahoo Chat group. You can also check out ProMom and Mothering.
Click onto any of these links to see the internet — and some spirited women– in action.

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