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Nationwide Nurse In Today

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It’s 9:15 and as I type, moms across the country are gathering at airports for a nurse in. As I’ve been reporting here, they were motivated to stage this grass roots nurse in by the story of Emily Gillette, the mom who was kicked off a Freedom Airlines flight (a commuter flight for Delta) for breastfeeding. The nurse in kicks off officially at 10 am, local time.
To monitor the progress of the nurse in plans, I subscribed to the Yahoo chat group moms were using to coordinate their efforts. This morning I woke to find 182 messages in my in-box– progress reports about t-shirts, press releases, and travel plans. From the site I found a list of least 33 airports where you can expect moms and their babes to be today.
As the day progresses, I’ll be writing periodic updates on the events. Usually each time I write a new entry I send out an email notification of the entry. To save you from In Box clutter, I won’t do that today. But do check back every few hours or so to see what’s new on my site.
Right now I have to take a shower. Good thing it isn’t de rigueur yet to use video to communicate over the internet.

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