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Nurse In News Reports

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So here are early reports from different news sources…
Of course moms and their babes were in Burlington, Vermont, where this brouhaha all started last week when Emily Gillette got kicked off a plane for breastfeeding her daughter. Today, about 25 people staged a nurse in at that airport. In Boston, five women gathered at Logan airport. Moms were also in Louisville, KentuckyIndianapolis, Indiana (see photo above)Bradley International Airport in Connecticut…Jacksonville, Florida….40 moms showed up in Portland, Oregon….and about ten moms were in Detroit, Michigan. Jennifer Laycock, of The Lactivist, was one of 12 women who were at the airport in Columbus, Ohio. She even got quoted in the local newspaper. Make sure you click on Jennifer’s site to get a good round-up from other airports as well.
I’ll bring you much more after I put The Bear to sleep, do The Bortski’s bath, books, bed and crying routing, have dinner with my husband, clean up the kitchen and self-medicate with Oreos.

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