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Teething and Breast Feeding

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The Bear has teeth!
No, duh, you say. All bears have teeth. So true. But for those of you who are new here, “The Bear” is our baby. He’s now eight months old, and among other milestones (sitting up, clapping his hands and pushing himself backwards to slide on the floor) he now has two little buds poking out of his bottom gum. Very cute. But man, they hurt! He clamped down nice and hard today. I let out an involuntary yelp and pulled my boob out of his mouth. I don’t think he saw the memo yet about not biting the boob that feeds you.
Another side benefit of these two new teeth is a little extra crankiness. Of course, it seems to be rearing its head in the middle of the night. Someone recommended we rub Whiskey on his gums. We tried a little Johnnie Walker a couple of times, and it worked! But I’m afraid to keep doing that in the middle of the night, for fear of creating a new dependency in addition to his 3:00 a.m. nursing addiction. The pediatrician recommended giving him a little Tylenol or letting him suck on something cold.
Has your babe ever nipped your nip? If so, how did you react? Did it happen multiple times? How did you get the kiddo to cut it out? And how do you handle teething? Inquiring minds want to know.
By the way, for those of us with a few more teeth, we celebrated The Bear’s eight month milestone with cupcakes of course!

5 Responses to “Teething and Breast Feeding”

My son has bitten me several times over the course of our breastfeeding career (he is now 20 months) The first time was when he got his first couple teeth, about 6 or 7 months and it is very hard not to scream out loud, it was very painful! but I have found that I had to teach him that it was not okay to bite Mommy’s nips just like I have had to teach him lots of things. I think at first he was very interested in the high pitched screams that he could now make happen. My response was just to stop nursing, no matter what if he bit me, we stopped. He very quickly learned if he was hungry, he should not bite mommy! I think that is related too, it seems like most biting incidents occurred when Orrin was done eating and just playing!

My DS tried nipping but only a couple of times. He was teething when it happened both times. I instinctively let out a yelp and pulled him away. He was so taken by the yelp that he was stunned from continuing to nurse. After awhile he started nursing again, but the nipping didn’t return…except for that one other time. Dr. Sears has some really good tips on what to do when biting begins. Good luck!!

Ooooh I recall the pain of a teething breastfeeder well!
Try putting your finger between his gums to break the suction. Withdraw the breast every time he bites and you will be surprised at how quickly he will learn not to nip! This worked really well for me.
But baby’s personality has a lot to do with it too. I often caught my baby giving me a little sly look before nipping down and when I shrieked he “tittered” uncontrollably! At around seven months old!
Baby paracetamol is good for dulling baby’s teething pain or we also used Dozol which helps baby sleep at night or so I am told – it didn’t have much effect on any of my babies!!

My 7 month old bit me with his sharp little tooth that had just started poking out and he bit so hard that he drew blood. I think he was upset because I was trying to pump at the same time and he was distracted. I had to stop on that breast because it kept bleeding. I told him no and he hasn’t bit me since but I try to take him away from the breast when he is done so he won’t play with it.

My lil guy is 6 months old and has been biting for 3 weeks. He only bites my left side. He has bit so much that I have a pretty good cut. I’ve tried everything, giving him something to chew on before meal time, teething tablets, taking the boob away when he bites. Nothing works. He has slowed down quite a bit. It hurts to nurse on my left side, but I keep at it. I have found that expressing some milk into the palm of my hand and soaking it helps to heal it faster.

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