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Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani and Other Celebrities on Breast Feeding

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Gwen Stefani tells USA Today “I’m still nursing, and I think it gives you superhuman powers.” Brooke Shields sings the praises of a nursing shawl, L’ovedBaby. Heidi Klum is breastfeeding her third child. Jennifer Garner says it helped her lose weight. Former Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell says pregnancy made her breasts look like a porn star’s. Britney Spears wants new boobs.
You can find all of this and more on the Celebrity Baby Blog, and its page specifically devoted to breast feeding.
But these stories beg the question…why do we (ok, why do I) love hearing about celebrities, their babes and their boobs? Perhaps because motherhood levels the playing field somewhat. No matter how perfect Gwyneth Paltrow looks with her kids in tow, we know she, too, has had some pretty horrific nights trying to console a screaming infant. She may have an Oscar, but she’s still a mom, and unless she’s outsourcing the entire thing, she’s definitely had leaking boobs, spit-up on her new sweater and poop under her finger nails.
We can’t all be superstars with our phalanx of nannies, stylists and trainers to help us. But seriously, would you want the paparazzi just waiting to catch you trying to nurse your kid at the playground? And in any case, at least in our kids’ eyes, we’re all superhuman.

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