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FDA Warns Nestle Over Baby Formula

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If you’ve been using Nestle’s Good Start Infant Formula with Iron to feed your baby, you may want to think twice.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued Nestle a warning letter on November 27th after a sample failed to meet proper nutrient levels. It seems the sample, collected in May, did not meet minimum requirements for calcium and phosphorus.
Nestle has said that its tests found that its product is fine. Here is a quote from a Reuters news story:
“We are working with FDA to better understand how issues relating to analytical testing methods might explain the differences noted in these two nutrients,” the company said.
The Dairy reported that Nestle stands by its product.
“We have had two independent tests done by absolutely top quality laboratories and we have not been able to confirm the findings of the FDA,” said a Nestlé spokesperson. “There is no question of a recall. We are in contact with the FDA and discussions are in progress.”
Nestle has had problems with its formula in the past. It was first accused, in the 1970′s, of unethically pushing formula on women in developing countries and thus discouraging them from breast feeding. Check out for background on the boycott. This will lead you to Baby Milk Action, a group devoted to boycotting Nestle.
Nestle has 15 working days from receipt of the letter to respond. So that brings us to some time this week. Let’s see what happens. I have calls in to both the FDA and Nestle to see what’s happening. I’ll keep you posted.
And PS…thanks to Micky at Mocha Milk for first pointing out this story.

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So once again, breasfeeding is the safest, the best, the coolest way of feeding our babies :) ! My “little big” one has now 6 month and 9 kilos – by breasfeeding ofcourse :) , he has just tried his first peace of squeezed apple today, from home garden, regards,

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