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Which Breast Pump Do You Use?

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When The Bortski was a baby, I pumped milk all the time. I pumped so I could go out to dinner with my husband. I pumped so I could do some freelance work. I pumped so I could go skiing for a couple of hours. The Medela Pump In Style was my best friend. Sort of.
When baby number two, The Bear, was born eight months ago, I pulled my breast pump out of the closet and pumped to relieve engorgement. But now, that pump is back in the closet next to my husband’s shoes. It is literally gathering dust. I have used a hand pump (the Medela Harmony) a few times. I even stuck it in my purse once and took it to a black tie wedding. But even that pump isn’t getting much use lately.
Why have I abondoned pumping? I’m not quite sure. Perhaps because The Bear sleeps solidly between 6 pm and 11pm, so there’s little risk he’ll wake up hungry and torture a babysitter if we went out. Perhaps I don’t pump because I’m working from home. Or maybe I’m just too lazy.
So why the ramblings about my pumps? Another blogger, The bOOb Lady’s Blog, has asked me for suggestions of the best pumps. So I turn to all of you. Which ones do you use? Which do you love? Which do you hate? What’s the best bang for the buck? And while you’re at it, anyone have any good pumping stories to share?
Meanwhile…I have to say, in a weird way it’s a blessing I haven’t been pumping and stockpiling frozen milk. Our refrigerator is not working well, and I would be absolutely beside myself if I had to throw out pumped milk. But the refrigerator…man, don’t get me started. That’s another story altogether.

7 Responses to “Which Breast Pump Do You Use?”

I have the Pump in Style too. And, like you, I used it like mad with my 1st baby. But, with babies 2 and 3 I’ve only used it for engorgement. I sure was glad to have it with baby #1 though!

I tried an Avent hand pump when my first baby was born, but never really got the hang of it. So when my seccond baby arrived I sought advice from my local breastfeeding support group. Medela was highly recommended, so I purchased the Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump. (I think it has been replaced by the Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump.) It was brilliant, worked on both electricity and batteries, was very portable and I never looked back!
I don’t need it at the moment as my third child is now starting to wean. He’s almost 17 months. But I will keep it safe – just in case I have anymore babies!

I used the Medela Pump in Style (two designs older than the Advanced model) at work for a year. It held up really well, and it’s the one I recommend to mothers at the breastfeeding clinic where I work. I know lots of women who’ve really liked the Ameda Purely Yours, though at least where I live it’s easier to find replacement parts for Medela pumps.
I think that the most important thing to know when purchasing a pump is the kind of use you’re expecting. For pumping to increase milk supply, a hospital grade pump like the Medela Symphony is the best, though sometimes a Pump in Style can work. For full time work you really need a strong, sturdy, double electric pump like the Pump in Style. For part time work or occasional bottles I like the Medela Swing pump (new), and for occasional pumping sometimes a manual pump like the Medela Harmony or Avent Isis is all you need. For engorgement, any of these pumps will probably help.

I rented the Medela Symphony (hospital grade) and it works great. The Cherub has trouble latching on so we’re giving him breast milk via bottle, making my pump and I inseparable. The Symphony is a total workhorse — I’m stockpiling milk for the masses.

I use the Avent ISIS IQ Duo, Avent’s double electric pump. It took some practice to get my body used to pumping (before returning to work) and now that I got the hang of it, this pump works great and is really comfortable!

I have an Avent Isis manual pump and like it, but now that I’m an old “hand” LOL at manual expression, I mainly do that instead of pump!

I use the Medela Pump in Style. I’ve used it one year for each of two children and had no problems.

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