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An Update on My Book “Mama Knows Breast”

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As you may have gathered from this site, I’m working on a book called “Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” It’s a tongue in cheek, irreverent look at the life and styles of breastfeeding moms.
I got the idea to write the book when I realized– after 6 months of feeding The Bortski– that I knew more about his car seat and stroller than I did about my own boobs. I looked for a fun book about breastfeeding, and all I could find were some pretty serious, albeit useful, tomes. That was my “light bulb” moment.
So here’s a little update on the progress of the book in case (like me!) you’re wondering what’s going on. The book should be published by September. That’s the latest from my editor at Quirk Books. In fact, she’s coming to the city on Monday and we’re going to start whipping this thing into shape. I handed in a draft months ago and now it’s time to start revising.
I’m nervously waiting for her comments. You could say I’m a book virgin– never written one of these things before. So I have no idea what I’m in for.
As for some other first time authors, I went to a book party this week for the launch of Babyproofing Your Marriage. (My husband knows the husband of one of the three authors). Anyway, these ladies reached the holy grail of all writers this week– they were on the Today Show. I’m reading the book right now and I’ll bring you a review as part of the next Breastfeeding Blog Carnival on February 12. So far, it’s a good read– especially the chapter on sex.
And if you’re looking for another fun book, check out Haiku Mama which is published by Quirk Books. The author is the blogger Kari from Haiku of The Day.
So that’s the latest from book land, cross your fingers for me and my meeting with my editor.

7 Responses to “An Update on My Book “Mama Knows Breast””

I bet your book’s gonna be awesome!

Really looking forward to the book!
- Tanya

If your blog is anything to go by, I can’t wait for the book! Good Luck, Andi!

I can’t wait either! Good luck with the editor. It will be just fine.

Very exciting Andi! I love hearing about the process – thanks for giving us an update.

Good luck with your meeting. I’m sure it will be great. How exciting for you! Congrats!

go go… mama of bear and the bortz…
hope the book changes are kept to a minimum so you’ll sit back and relax

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