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Breast Feeding Links

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Here are some links I’ve found recently that I thought were interesting or amusing:
Babble has a beautiful essay this week called “Breast Friends.” The author describes her experience cross-nursing. She and a friend feed each other’s kids, making them “milk-siblings.”
Can men breastfeed? This short video, Milk Men, claims that they can. Watch and judge for yourself.
Breastfeeding Photos is a blog devoted to breastfeeding photographs. You can supposedly post your own but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Even if I could figure it out, I’m not sure I have anything even I want to look at.
Here are two more breastfeeding blogs: Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother focuses on “breastfeeding, homebirth, mothering and attachment parenting.” Mocha Milk is written by Micky who describes herself as “A fierce brown-skinned mama on a mission to impact the health and wellness of the African-American community through breastfeeding awareness and support.”
And finally, the Celebrity Baby Blog has a post about an article in Us Weekly about breastfeeding celebrities.
Anyone want to add anything to my list? Sites you’ve recently found? Articles or blog entries worth mentioning. Send me your story ideas.

4 Responses to “Breast Feeding Links”

The milk siblings concept is acknowleged in the Middle East. If a child is nursed at the breast of two women, the children become related. At least this is my basic understanding, propably it’s not complete, but it tells you that this concept is not new or unique.
As a woman who has breastfed her child, I can say several things about it that I have not heard elsehwere.
1. Exchange breastfeeding was probably the usual way for early humans living in groups. Why do I think so? New mom/child pair might have trouble establishing nursing. A woman with an establilshed milk supply might take a newborn to her own breast so it could catch the hang of nursing more easily, with not too much work to get the milk. Likewise, the older baby would be put to the new mother’s breast to bring in the milk stongly. Think of the advantage of this cross-nursing: mixing up and therefore adding to the immunity of the larger family/community group, while increasing the probability that the newborn would live.

How about the utter (udder?) convenience of being able to leave your little one with someone who can feed them–no pumping or formula needed!

This is another interesting article about cross-nursing:,,1983501,00.html

Breast feeding is for sill best babies..

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