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Drinking Water and Breast Feeding

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We’ve all heard the general advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But if you’re pregnant or breast feeding you need even more fluids. Personally, after both kids were born I was always thirsty. Constantly. I always had a glass of water on my night stand. If I didn’t, I found myself begging my husband to get me a glass.
So how much water should you be drinking? Dr. Sears, in “The Breastfeeding Book,” recommends drinking at least ten 8 ounce glasses of water a day (page 74). He says try to drink a glass of water every time your infant feeds. Then add in a few more glasses during the day.
But if you’re like me, and you easily lose track of what you’ve had, here’s another way to gauge if you’re getting enough water. says:
Breastfeeding mothers may feel thirstier than usual. You can gauge your fluid intake by looking at your urine; if it’s dark, you need to drink more liquids. No scientific studies have found that drinking more fluid will result in producing more breast milk; however, not getting enough to drink can affect how much milk is produced.
Dr. Sears, on the other hand, says (p. 74): “Because milk-making hormones help your body conserve water, failing to drink enough water will not affect the fluid content or volume of your milk. But not getting enough fluids can contribute to maternal constipation, fatigue and impaired concentration.” Also, remember, anything with caffeine is actually a diuretic and fruit juices have extra caolories.
Given all this, it makes sense that Jennifer at The Lactivist started a new blog chain, asking other bloggers to post a picture of their preferred mode of consuming all that water. She showed us her big huge blue mug.
Here are some other moms who have been tagged along the way: Natural Moms want a glass that won’t break so often. Nature Moms has a great shot of her mug in the desert where she hikes every day. Sinead at Breastfeeding Mums drinks so much water her doctor was worried she had diabetes (she doesn’t). BabyTalkers has one enormous bottle that she sips at all day while her son works on his sippy cup!
Now you can see my hydrating attempts in the photo above. I’ve got the Brita and glass of water on my desk at all times. And when I’m out doing errands or taking the boys to the park, I’ve always got a bottle or two of Poland Spring water stashed under the stroller.
In reality, I find it hard to drink enough water. Sometimes half a day goes by before I realize I haven’t had anything except a cup of coffee. So this post has actually been a good way to remind myself to drink up! And now it’s my turn to remind a couple of other bloggers. I tag…Haiku Mama and The Mommy Blawg.

3 Responses to “Drinking Water and Breast Feeding”

Thanks for the compliment on my pic…it was fun to participate. It is also nice to take a small peak into the personal life of some great bloggers.

Hi Andi,
I wrote in my blog on the water container chain too. Glad to see I am not the only one who doesn’t drink nearly enough water! Thanks for making me feel better. Cheers! Colleen

Good advice. Another thing to consider is to make sure that you’re drinking the right water– tap water often has contaminants in it, so using a water ionizer to purify and ionize the water first is a good idea.

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