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Daycare and Breast Feeding

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Is your baby in daycare and are you breastfeeding him? If so, have you ever run into any problems with the daycare center? Two moms, one in Ohio, and the other in Michigan, have.
In Ohio, a daycare center charged a mom an extra $50 per week because she was bringing in pumped breastmilk for her baby. (Click here for an update on the story). And in Michigan, a mom was restricted from breastfeeding her child in front of other children.
This story was first reported in the Motherwear Blog, The Lactivist and Breastfeeding123. The question is, is this a pervasive problem or are these isolated incidents? Tell us if you’ve had a similar experience.

Pennsylvania Nurse In Update

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Roughly 150 people gathered at a Pennsylvania shopping mall this past weekend to support a mom who was forced to stop breastfeeding her baby in public. Leigh Bellini says a security guard asked her to put a blanket over her baby’s head, feed her baby in the bathroom or her car, and even threatened to call the police.
The nurse in got its share of media attention. To watch a new clip from a CBS affiliate, click here. (Make sure you go to the right hand side of the page that pops up to find the link to the video). The piece has an interview with Bellini who says her goal is to get Pennsylvania to enact a law that would protect breastfeeding in public.
Angela at Breastfeeding 123 reports that a Pennsylvania State Senator has introduced a piece of legislation that is moving things in that direction. The Right to Breastfeed Act would allow a mom to breastfeed in any public or private place that she is otherwise allowed to be.

Pennsylvania Nurse In Saturday February 24th

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A mom and her hungry baby are behind a nurse planned for Saturday in Pennsylvania. Leigh Bellini says she was at a shopping mall, trying to feed her son, when she had a little run in with mall security. She says they told her to cover her baby with a blanket, feed him in the bathroom or sit in her car outside.
PA moms, take note–
Pennsylvania doesn’t have a law protecting a woman’s right to nurse in public or private. But Philadelphia does have a city ordinance allowing women to breastfeed in public places. A State Representative, however, is pushing two pieces of legislation that could help breastfeeding moms. (via Breastfeeding123)
If you want to go to the nurse in, here are the details:
Center Court at the Berkshire Mall in
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.
Saturday, February 24th at 1:00p.m.
The nurse in is being sponsored by Mothering And More and Birth Without Boundaries.
Check both of these sites for details about the event.
As for Leigh’s story, you can read the whole thing here. In part, she writes:
My husband and I took our 2-year-old daughter and 6 month-old son out for a day of shopping and errands. While at the mall, my son became hungry. I found a bench near an indoor tree and parked my stroller directly in front of me. As discretely as possible I began nursing my son. After about 10 minutes or so I was interrupted by a security guard, who asked me if I could put a blanket over my son and cover up better. I informed him that I did not have a blanket nor would I like him to get me one and also that I had no breast exposed anyway….
Moments later we were confronted by another security guard. I immediately told her that I had no intention on listening to what she had to say. My husband told her that she had to back away from my son and I and speak with him further down the hall. While I continued to feed my son, my husband dealt with this person. She asked why they couldn’t provide me with a blanket or buy me a new one. My husband explained to her that we weren’t going to use a dirty blanket or use a new one that hadn’t been laundered. At this point the first security guard came back to get involved. He asked why I couldn’t move the breastfeeding into a more private location like the bathroom. My husband asked him if he liked to eat on a toilet seat in a public bathroom. The security guard replied that I didn’t have to sit on a toilet. My husband asked where should she sit, on the floor. The security guard replied that I could stand in the bathroom. My husband laughed and said “obviously you’ve never breastfed.” Then the security guard suggested I go out to my car to breastfeed. IT WAS 30o OUTSIDE!!!!!!

Breastfeeding Advice– Join The March Breast Feeding Carnival

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What’s the worst piece of breast feeding advice you’ve ever heard? What’s the best?
Tell me your stories. And, if you run a blog of your own, consider submitting an entry for our next Carnival. Remember, this is the joint post that The Booby Brigade does on a breastfeeding theme. So calling all bloggers, think about the best and worst breastfeeding advice you’ve ever encountered and send us your submissions.
The Rules of the Game:
Submissions are due, by email, on February 26th.
Entries should be on the topic “Good Advice/Bad Advice.”
Entries should be well-written– grammar counts!
If you’re accepted (we vote), you have to link to the other members of the Booby Brigade as part of your post: Breastfeeding123, The Lactivist, The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog and The BreastfeedingMums Blog.
The Carnival will be on March 12th.
Now…I’m going to take my own advice…and crawl into bed. Hmmm…unless there’s something compelling on our TIVO.

Earth’s Best Recall- Apple Peach Barley

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Lunch time here, and as usual, The Bear was all set to get a jar of Earth’s Best baby food. He’s been eating this stuff since he was six months old. Of course he’s still getting breast milk, and now real finger foods, but when I resort to a prepared jar of mush, it’s always Earth’s Best.
Now here’s a news alert from the FDA to give me pause…Earth’s Best is recalling jars of Wholesome Breakfast Apple Peach Barley 2nd Foods. There’s a possibility that there could be botulism in the jars. No one has gotten sick, and they haven’t actually found contamination (only incorrect pH levels), but the company isn’t taking any chances. If you have a jar, throw it away. Click here to read the company press release for more details.
I’m not going to abandon Earth’s Best just yet. But I will make sure I don’t have any jars of this particular flavor. And, as I always tell the kids, let’s make sure the jar makes a “pop” noise before we eat anything.

Buying A Stroller

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Walk into our apartment and you slam right into our stroller parking lot. We’ve got the Jane Powertwin, our double stroller; a Maclaren Quest, and an Inglesina Zippy (it held an infant car seat when the kids were newborns). No one believes us, but we use them all on a regular basis.
Despite my affinity for these three beasts of burden, I’m looking for additional stroller suggestions for my brother and sister in law who are having their first baby. They live in a city with a long, snowy winter, so ideally the stroller should be good in the snow. Do you have any words of advice? Products you love? Ones to avoid?
As for chez moi, I dread the day when The Bortski decides he won’t ride in the stroller anymore. I’m already getting a glimmer of it. Today he insisted on pushing a child sized shopping cart around the supermarket. Buyers beware.

A New Breastfeeding Blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog

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Random internet ramblings recently lead me to a new breastfeeding blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog. It’s run by Jennifer James, the founder of Mommy Too! Magazine, an online magazine for mothers of color. James also has a six-blog network for black moms and parents that focuses on breastfeeding, parenting, babies and toddlers, pregnancy, big issues and shopping.
The breastfeeding blog has great photos and fantastic design. And of course, great information. It’s fun to add another breastfeeding mama to our blog roll. (Tanya at Motherwear found this site, too!) So hey Jennifer, want to contribute to our breastfeeding carnival?

Check Out This Breastfed Baby

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I stumbled on this piece while checking out Babble today. Blogger Steve Almond sings the praises of breastmilk. His 4 month old daughter is one big baby, and he says she owes it all to breastmilk.
What’s most amazing about our baby’s bromdignagian proportions is that they have been achieved solely through the consumption of Erin’s breast milk. Josie’s never had more than a tablespoon of formula in her life. My wife is pumping out a serious elixir, and don’t think I haven’t considered the marketing possibilities there, as well. (Goo Juice: Suck Until Large!!!) Getting Erin to agree to give up some of her milk supply for commercial use is probably going to take some doing.
Almond says Josie is getting ready for world domination. If she wants to become a professional wrestler he’ll name her “The Invincible Goo.”
Go, Josie, Go.

New York City Mayor Promotes Breast Feeding

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Go Mayor Mike! I always knew I sort of liked you, even though you are a Republican. But now I think you’ve won me over.
The New York Post is reporting that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending more than $2 million to get city run hospitals to promote breastfeeding.
“We don’t yet have any hospitals in New York City that meet national ‘baby-friendly’ standards,” Bloomberg’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Frieden, said at a parenting conference last week.
“That means getting formula out of the nursery. It means putting the baby on the breast immediately after birth. It means that every person who interacts with that mother and child is supportive and encouraging of breast-feeding.”

According to the Post, Deborah Kaplan, chief of the Health Department’s Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health, says the days of hospital goody bags filled with formula freebies are over. Hospitals will now give new moms ice packs to keep pumped breast milk fresh.
The Gothamist covered this one as well.
The man who doesn’t want you to smoke in City bars or clog your coronaries with sweet, sweet trans fats now wants to do something healthy for the tiniest and newest New Yorkers…City health commissioner, Thomas Frieden, wants babies to dine on nothing but their mothers’ breast milk for the first six months of life. Right now, about 75% of New York mommies breast feed their babies but nearly 40% stop before the six month mark.
It’s nice to see a politician promote breastfeeding.
Oh, and by the way, it seems fitting that we can say Happy Birthday to you too, Mayor Mike.

Breastfeeding Bloggers’ Carnival– Baby Love

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In honor of Valentines Day, the breastfeeding bloggers and I have devoted February’s Carnival to the theme “Baby Love.”
Here’s what we have to say:
Angela of Breastfeeding 123 has tips for welcoming a new baby into the family.
Sinead of Breastfeeding Mums writes about falling in love with her husband as a teenager, and then with each of her three babies.
Jennifer of The Lactivist talks about the crazy things baby love make you do.
Tanya of The Motherwear Blog talks about how breastfeeding helped her deal with the psychological trauma of a difficult birth.
As for me, I have a review of the new book “Babyproofing Your Marriage.” Click here to read my review.
We also have some guest bloggers:
Karen at Cairo Mama writes about falling in love with her newborn.
Melissa at Booby Juice writes about the happiest day (make that days) of her life.
Colleen at My Baby and More writes about maternal longings.
Now, go forth and eat some chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.