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A New Breastfeeding Blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog

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Random internet ramblings recently lead me to a new breastfeeding blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog. It’s run by Jennifer James, the founder of Mommy Too! Magazine, an online magazine for mothers of color. James also has a six-blog network for black moms and parents that focuses on breastfeeding, parenting, babies and toddlers, pregnancy, big issues and shopping.
The breastfeeding blog has great photos and fantastic design. And of course, great information. It’s fun to add another breastfeeding mama to our blog roll. (Tanya at Motherwear found this site, too!) So hey Jennifer, want to contribute to our breastfeeding carnival?

2 Responses to “A New Breastfeeding Blog– The Black Breastfeeding Blog”

Hi there! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I appreciate the link and the traffic.
I’ll definitely be a part of the next breastfeeding carnival. I’m looking forward to it.
By the way, I added Mama Knows Breast to my sidebar.
Thanks again! And, congratulations on your book.

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