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Breast Feeding on the Today Show

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The Editor In Chief of BabyTalk magazine was on the Today Show this past week, talking about the challenges women face when it comes to breastfeeding. Top of the list, of course, breastfeeding anywhere outside of home. To watch the clip, click on this link. To find the video, go to the left hand column, click on “Today Health and Living” and then click on “What is Breastfeeding Etiquette.”
Moms…I’m curious to hear from you, how you’ve handled the challenge of breastfeeding in public. I’m working on that section of my book now. Cramming to get all of my edits done this week. Is there anything you want to see included? Let me know.

4 Responses to “Breast Feeding on the Today Show”

IME, no one says anything. I breastfeed in public all the time wherever I am and the worst I’ve gotten is a dirty look. I don’t use blankets and I smile at people and make eye contact. I wrote about it on my website here if you want more info.

I was terrified at first to bf in public. After being stuck at home for several months, I got over the fear quickly. I used a nursing cover-up (for MY benefit and comfort). It was no big deal. I only had one negative comment ever (“that baby needs a bottle”). I ignored the silly woman.
I was also lucky that my son would take a bottle of breastmilk. Occasionally, I’d take a bottle so that my husband could feed our son and I could enjoy a meal without bfing.
We are expecting baby #2 in May and I plan on bfing anywhere and everywhere. It is not feasible to sit at home with a toddler all day for over a year. I bought a sling just for this purpose (easy access to milk and free hands for chasing).

I think it’s the nervousness about how bfing in public is going to work that keeps many new moms cooped up longer than they need to be. Yeah, it takes practice, but after the first time I did it, I thought, oh, that was easier than I thought it would be! The thing I have the most trouble with logistically is getting my nursing pads back in. :) Nursing shirts made me feel more comfortable, but it’s important to find a style that works well for you–some styles of nursing tops are more trouble for me than others, so I’ve had to experiment a lot. I would love for you to include the Lativist’s refrain that she repeats often, reminding us that it’s not about your right to bf anywhere, it’s about your child’s right to eat.

One of the hints in a Motherwear catalog made a big difference for me regarding breastfeeding outside the home; practice in front of a mirror! While the logistics of getting a mirror near me while breastfeeding were practically harder than breastfeeding in public itself, it truly did give me a very good sense of what did and did not show, especially during latching on.
I absolutely refuse to wear a blanket, especially since my first baby was born in May and we polished our breastfeeding skills in the heat of summer. I have, on occasion, though, used my husband as a human shield whilst latching on. After that my nursing clothes usually take care of any modesty issues… that is until my kids reached The Distraction Stage, where any voice, noise, person quietly walking by or breeze caused my babies to unlatch ( or sometimes not, ow!) and swivel their heads 180 degrees! At that point I did tend to plan trips out around feeding schedules, or sought out dressing rooms in malls/stores or even my car as a Distraction Free Zone. I have also found that sometimes a delay in feeding will create a hungry and therefore less distractable child.

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