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Buying A Stroller

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Walk into our apartment and you slam right into our stroller parking lot. We’ve got the Jane Powertwin, our double stroller; a Maclaren Quest, and an Inglesina Zippy (it held an infant car seat when the kids were newborns). No one believes us, but we use them all on a regular basis.
Despite my affinity for these three beasts of burden, I’m looking for additional stroller suggestions for my brother and sister in law who are having their first baby. They live in a city with a long, snowy winter, so ideally the stroller should be good in the snow. Do you have any words of advice? Products you love? Ones to avoid?
As for chez moi, I dread the day when The Bortski decides he won’t ride in the stroller anymore. I’m already getting a glimmer of it. Today he insisted on pushing a child sized shopping cart around the supermarket. Buyers beware.

7 Responses to “Buying A Stroller”

I love my Phil and Ted’s E3 Explorer.
When my third baby was born I also had a toddler but I didn’t fancy a huge double stroller. So I did a lot of research before discovering this one.
It’s a 3 wheeler for which you can purchase a detachable toddler seat – so can be used as a single or double stroller.(Handy for when another baby joins the family!)
It has a lovely warm cosytoes and you can use either a double or single raincover with it.
It is easy to manoeuver and fits down most shop aisles!
It is a little bit heavy but a lot less so than a proper double stroller.
I highly recommend it!

My friend who lives in Montreal has a Chariot Stroller. The Chariot is expensive, but can even be used for skiing. She has the double version of the stroller and they actually do go skiing with it.
I would suggest a Beco Baby carrier, though: or the Ergo Baby carrier: Both are inspired by a camping backpack and can be used as a front, side or back carrier. Both are easy to use, with no learning curve (unlike slings) and can be used for infants through toddlers. The Beco comes in great prints for moms. The Ergo comes in several colors and oone print that are more gender neutral. I have used them for rigorous sightseeing in the Middle East. I use my Beco everyday as well because the sidewalks are either non-existant or in such bad condition that you have to walk on the street, so it is easier for me to carry him. If it is really snowy and icy, plus in the city, carrying will probably be easier for them as well. Not to mention the benefits of babywearing!
I have the Inglesina Zippy and love it, but I can’t use it much here. If I would have had a Beco or an Ergo from the beginning, I wouldn’t have purchased a stroller at all, though there may come a point where he is too heavy to carry, but not fast enough to walk when in situations where speed matters. However, if you use your stroller so infrequently, you might consider a cheaper stroller. I think the best thing to do is evaluate where they live and where they go to think about how much stroller they need.

I would second the vote for the Phil & Ted’s E3 for all the reasons stated above. It definitely works well in the snow (although I’m fascinated by the idea of one you can take skiing, news to me!). The Valco Runabout might be good as well — it also has a toddler seat option so it can grow with your family.

i bought an evenflo stroller for my second child and used it (sparingly) with my first before #2 was born. my second child never even got to use it because it broke before he was born. however i do have a kolcraft that i got when my first was about one (he’s now 5) and its still going strong!

I’ll put in another vote for the Chariot. I’m in Ottawa, Canada and I’ve got two of them – a single and a double – and I love them.
- completely versatile for the active lifestyle. Walk, run, bike, ski, hike.
- fantastic weathershield. Baby stays warmer and drier than you.
- long life. A single will carry 75 lbs of child and gear; a double will carry 100 lbs.
- great resale value.
- NOT a one-hand fold. They come apart into pieces to fold up, but are most useful if you can leave them set up at all times.
- accessories and attachments add to the already high price. You need an attachment to carry a really young infant; stroller wheels are sold separately from jogging wheel, bike attachment, skis, etc.
- less shopping basket room than most strollers.
- best for outdoor, active use.

there is a new site with a good selection of baby gear for outdoor activities including jog strollers and child carriers. It is Upside Over – outdoor Gear for Kids

Recently i bought Stokke xplory stroller for my little baby from ToysRUs store at CouponAlbum on good discounted price..

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