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Check Out This Breastfed Baby

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I stumbled on this piece while checking out Babble today. Blogger Steve Almond sings the praises of breastmilk. His 4 month old daughter is one big baby, and he says she owes it all to breastmilk.
What’s most amazing about our baby’s bromdignagian proportions is that they have been achieved solely through the consumption of Erin’s breast milk. Josie’s never had more than a tablespoon of formula in her life. My wife is pumping out a serious elixir, and don’t think I haven’t considered the marketing possibilities there, as well. (Goo Juice: Suck Until Large!!!) Getting Erin to agree to give up some of her milk supply for commercial use is probably going to take some doing.
Almond says Josie is getting ready for world domination. If she wants to become a professional wrestler he’ll name her “The Invincible Goo.”
Go, Josie, Go.

One Response to “Check Out This Breastfed Baby”

She is adorable and I love that Daddy is so supportive. It truly makes all the difference. Neither of my babies ever took a bottle; they wanted their liquid gold straight from their Mama. (It was a frustrating once in a while.)
Wes was my biggie. He was 16 pounds at SIX WEEKS!!! We called him Bubba!

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