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Earth’s Best Recall- Apple Peach Barley

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Lunch time here, and as usual, The Bear was all set to get a jar of Earth’s Best baby food. He’s been eating this stuff since he was six months old. Of course he’s still getting breast milk, and now real finger foods, but when I resort to a prepared jar of mush, it’s always Earth’s Best.
Now here’s a news alert from the FDA to give me pause…Earth’s Best is recalling jars of Wholesome Breakfast Apple Peach Barley 2nd Foods. There’s a possibility that there could be botulism in the jars. No one has gotten sick, and they haven’t actually found contamination (only incorrect pH levels), but the company isn’t taking any chances. If you have a jar, throw it away. Click here to read the company press release for more details.
I’m not going to abandon Earth’s Best just yet. But I will make sure I don’t have any jars of this particular flavor. And, as I always tell the kids, let’s make sure the jar makes a “pop” noise before we eat anything.

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Thanks for the info. Although we are past the baby food stage, I am glad you posted this. I have spread the word to all of my friends with babies/toddlers. Very Scary Stuff!

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