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I Need More Help For My Book

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Calling all readers…I’m still wading my way through the edits to first draft of my manuscript…typing as fast as I can. And I’m looking for some more ideas on a few topics. Here are my questions for you:
1. What did you do to re-ignite your sex life after you had a baby?
2. How did you wean your baby? What approach did you use?
3. What sort of diaper/pee/poop calamities have you experienced? What sort of tricks do you have for keeping your baby’s bottom, and your house, clean? How do you handle diapers when you aren’t at home?
Here’s my most recent story. This morning The Bortski almost peed on my head. I was lying on the bedroom floor, trying to stretch my back. Dad was supposedly changing his diaper, but the Bortski quietly slipped away before a new one was on. Suddenly I heard a little sound behind me. I looked up and saw a naked boy leaning in my direction. Seconds later…a stream of pee landed just inches from me. Oy vey.

3 Responses to “I Need More Help For My Book”

Cloth diapers hold in 99% of the blowouts I see with disposables. I use cloth, I babysit my nephew a few times a week who uses disposables. I have a blowout or two a week with him. I have had two blowouts ever with my daughter. And cloth is easy and enjoyable and has too many benefits to list. (and it’s easy. Seriously.) However, a poop in an exersaucer will blow out. No diaper will hold it.
If you need more info or want to know more about my system, let me know! I’m more than happy to talk about my diapers.

Okay, as requested here is a long-winded comment about my diapering system!
I love using cloth. It’s fun, but if you tell people you think it’s
fun they look at you like you’re insane.
I don’t use a service, though if I did NOT have a washer and dryer in
my house, I would. Washing them in my own washer is super easy
though. I do a load of diapers every 2-3 days. I put diapers in a
waterproof bag instead of in a diaper genie (no issues with stink as
of yet!) like this one. Then every 2-3 days, I
dump the whole thing into the washer. I run a cold rinse cycle
(incidentally, doing a cold rinse cycle is a good way to get poo out
of clothing too if you have a blowout), then do a warm wash with a
small amount of detergent (using too much detergent is a common cause
of diaper rashes). Here in Chicago and with my baby’s super-sensitive
butt, I also do a second hot wash with a downy ball full of vinegar
that opens in the rinse, but everyone’s wash routine will vary. Then
I throw them into the dryer, and I fold them if I’m feeling motivated
or I leave them unfolded in the basket if I’m busy. So total time
including pushing knobs, putting diapers in the dryer, and folding
usually works out to ~20 minutes every 2-3 days. Definitely not
People often think it’s gross. But it’s not. Once the poops are
formed, you can drop them in the toilet. (which, incidentally,
you’re technically supposed to do with disposables so that fecal
matter doesn’t leach into the groundwater. That’s one of the reasons
CDs are better – because the dirty water from your washer goes to a
wastewater treatment plant instead of to groundwater table) But until
then, just throw them in the washer. There is no need to dunk in the
toilet or swish them in the toilet or whatever incorrect pictures
people have of cloth diapers.
I actually use the somewhat old school diapering system. There are
many systems and some companies offer sample packs so you can decide
which you like best like this one. I use prefolds (not the
Gerber prefolds at target! Those have a polyfill interior that
doesn’t absorb anything! The ones from a CDing website will be good
though.) and covers. My husband uses them too and thinks they’re
easy – it’s just one extra step. I like Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
covers and Wiggleworm Bottoms covers. But there
are tons of good ones out there. has reviews of most
every type.

1. What did you do to re-ignite your sex life after you had a baby?
We essentially planned ahead. We said Monday it was his night to initiate and Thursday it was mine. This way we didn’t go two weeks only to realized we didn’t even remember that last time we were intimate.
Other things that really helped were going out once at least once month on a Date Night and making a list of “The Things that Turn me On”.
For instance, helping with the house work, taking care of the baby etc. WITHOUT being asked is incredibly sexy to me. I always knew he wanted some when he started to clean the house. lol!
Of course now that I am fertile again there is no holding me back. My body wants to make a baby pretty much all of the time. TMI, I’m sure. ;)

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