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National Pork Board Threatens Breastfeeding Blogger Over T-Shirt Slogan

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An Update
Jennifer got an apology from the CEO of the National Pork Board and they are trying to work this out.
If I wasn’t blogging friends with Jennifer of The Lactivist, I might think this story was a joke. But really, it’s true.
The National Pork Board is threatening to sue Jennifer over a t-shirt that she sells through her site. The t-shirt says “The Other White Milk.” The Pork Board says this infringes on their trademarked slogan, “The Other White Meat.” And just note, Jennifer sells a range of t-shirts with cute slogans in order to raise money for the milk bank in her home state.
As you can imagine, Jennifer is fighting back. In her other job– the one where she’s not running her blog– she’s an expert in internet search engine optimization. So there’s a whole community of web people who are taking up her cause, blogging about this.
Now in a previous incarnation I was a lawyer. It’s been eons since I practiced and I don’t remember much about trademark law. But I can tell you this basic principle– there has to be the possibility that a consumer would be “confused” by the similarity in slogans. If you ask me, I don’t really think of breast milk and pork in the same train of thought. But that’s just me. What about you?
Read Jennifer’s post to see the original letter from the law firm, contacts at the National Pork Board in case you want to send a letter, and links to other sites that have been covering her story.

2 Responses to “National Pork Board Threatens Breastfeeding Blogger Over T-Shirt Slogan”

Em, me neither, pork and breastmilk – I’ve never confused the two… And somehow I don’t think my baby would like me to when he’s desperate for a drink of breastmilk!

I completely agree!
Breastmilk, pork . . . nope no connection here either.
It did get me thinking. Do pig’s breastfeed?
I checked it out and found some interesting information about pigs. Piglet’s breastfeed for 6-8 weeks, at the minimum. Piglets only when Mama’s milk lets down, about four times a day, but they continually nurse on their Mama for comfort too.
Mama pigs must feel like Pig Pacifiers. Boy do I know how she feels. I have been a Human Pacifier for almost four years now. lol!
Anyway, to read more of my thoughts on the situation check out my blog:

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