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Pork Board vs. Blogger Is Over

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It’s done. They’ve settled the matter, and Jennifer over at The Lactivist is quite pleased.
You may remember this story from last week, when the National Pork Board threatened Jennifer with trademark infringement suit. They said her t-shirt slogan, “The Other White Milk” infringed on their slogan, “The Other White Meat.”
The Board apologized, and employees are actually digging into their own pockets to make donations to the Ohio Milk Bank. (Jennifer donates money from t-shirt sales to the milk bank).
You still can’t buy “The Other White Milk” t-shirts. But Jennifer does have a new one that should make you smile: “Breast: The Original White Milk.”

2 Responses to “Pork Board vs. Blogger Is Over”

A greater justice could not have been accomplished through the court system. Congratulations Jennifer! And yes, your new slogan did make me smile (and laugh out loud)! Thanks for sharing this story with us Andi.

This is fantastic! I am touched that the NPB and their staff are using this as an opportunity for positive change. Way to go!

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