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Looking for PR Ideas For My Book

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I just Fed Ex’ed another set of revisions to my publisher. Two down, one more to go. Now I have a long author questionnaire that I need to fill out for the marketing department. Part of this involves writing a list of websites, blogs, and media outlets that might want to write about the book.
Since there are literally thousands and thousands of sites that we moms visit, this task feels a little daunting. I know what I know…but I don’t know what I don’t know.
So if anyone has suggestions, send them my way. Let me know what sites you like; what magazines you read; what TV shows you watch. I’ll add them to my list. I need all the help I can get!
In advance, thank you for your support.

7 Responses to “Looking for PR Ideas For My Book”

Two places I’ve checked out in my limited free time are and
Hope that helps-

All the bloggers at Stoller Derby, Blogging Baby, Parent Hacks, and me at Parenting Solved.

Parents Magazine
Parenting Magazine
Local Moms Chat Groups

You should also list things like:
The Today’s Show
Good Morning America
Other morning shows
TLC (channel)
Those other “chic” stations

Hey Andi – here are a few ideas:
Cookie magazine (new parenting mag); Bundle (new parenting mag); (new parenting Web site from Nickelodeon)…If I think of any more, I’ll send them along.

me at as well as all of your blogging friends with related sites.
some magazines not mentioned yet: american baby, parent & child, mothering
tv shows: yummy mummy, oprah
good luck!

All the major PR companies send me press releases, books, and review products after they’ve found me on Bacons Media.
It may be well worth it to open a media account with Bacons and then you’ll have the direct contact info for every single newspaper, magazine, web site, TV show and radio program in the country. You can even search based on topics and keywords, so you can contact media whose target audience are mothers and families.
Bacons is extremely diligent about getting the proper contact information from media outlets on a regular basis. It will save you a ton of time using their services.

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