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More Funny Breast Feeding T-Shirts (and Some Stylish Nursing Shawls)

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I just found this, via Celebrity Baby…t-shirts for you and your nursing babe to wear at the same time. You get the shirt that says “Supply.” She gets the shirt that says “Demand.” Cute, huh?!
The shirts are made by Milkdudz (another clever one). The company also sells some of the more stylish nursing shawls I’ve seen. I haven’t tested them, and I can’t vouch for buying anything from the site. So if you give it a shot, let me know how it goes.
As for me, my boobs are turning into true milk duds. I’m continuing to wean The Bear, and I have just barely enough left in the supply department for one feeding each morning.
And finally, thank you to everyone who has been sending me suggestions of mom websites, blogs, shows and magazines that they like. With your help I’m compiling a great list of folks to contact about my book! Keep the ideas coming!

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