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My husband coined a new term last week, “Exhaustitis Mamatosis.” Definition: (noun) a state of extreme exhaustion and fatigue experienced by moms. Symptoms include falling asleep during car rides, misplacing keys, self-inflicted injuries and circles under the eyes.
My most recent manifestation of E.M….a terribly clumsy fall last night. I tripped on one of the childproofing safety gates in the apartment, fell forward, knocking the gate off the wall and sending my plate (food and all) flying across the floor. I landed on top of the gate. Fortunately I only bruised my knee and ego.
So there you have it. Exhaustitis Mamatosis. In truth, my husband called it Exhaustitis Milfitosis, but I figured that required another level of explanation altogether. So let’s keep it more PG.
Are you too suffering from E.M? What have you done, or forgot to do as a result of E.M? And if you’ve got a cure, please let me know.

4 Responses to “Exhaustion”

I love it!
It is soo true. Only a few weeks ago I slipped and fell getting into the shower and broke two ribs!!
I am constantly bumping into things and people keep asking me where the bruises came from – and I can’t remember :)
I also go upstairs to get things and have to stand for a while trying to remember what I went up for…
As for falling asleep – my hubby is embarrassed taking me for long car journeys as I look like a corpse in the front seat fast asleep with my head swaying from side to side every time he takes a corner. LOL
Cures also gratefully received from this sufferer of Exhaustitis Mamatosis!

The fringe benefits of the Latin Phrase are many, but major truth is that if one starts young enough, and keeps at it long enough and with great conscientiousness and diligence, one can become extremely proficient in the several facets of the syndrome. By the time one is a femme de certaine age (long after the children are grown and out of the house) one can spend approximately 95% of one’s time trying to remember where she put that item that only 5 seconds previously was held tightly in hand. And one is also woken up too often by the sound of one’s face landing in the soup or cereal bowl with the spoon dropping flippantly on to the floor. Neither of the above is ever accomplished with style or grace. That I can assure you!
The cure lies in being NOT alive, which is hardly considered a cure. Better to laugh at oneself and one’s foibles along with all the others who are enabled by lack of sleep, with or without the little tots to blame…

Oh, sorry to hear about your condition! I’m not surprised – you’re just coming through crunch time on the book, right?
Hoping that you have a quicki recovery,

No, but I think I suffer with Exhaustitis Papatosis. Similar symptoms with the most notable being protracted periods of sofa sitting and dereliction of household duties.

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