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NY Store The Upper Breast Side Has a New Location

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I apologize up front to all of you who aren’t in New York City. But if you make it here for any reason, you’ve got to go check out The Upper Breast Side– a store dedicated to all things breastfeeding. Their slogan, “You bring your breasts, we’ve got the rest.”
This Upper West Side (hence the name) institution recently moved to a new location at 135 West 70th Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam). I knew the store was moving, but I stumbled on the location today by accident, while watching a new mom carrying her infant in a sling. (I was impressed by her sling savvy. I was a total failure at the sling thing).
Anyway, this is THE place to go if you need a nursing top, breast pump, book– you name it. They will even help you find the perfect bra size. One caveat, double strollers with side by side seats won’t fit through the doorway. They’ll help you out. But maybe bring an extra set of hands with you if you have to bring two kiddos.

One Response to “NY Store The Upper Breast Side Has a New Location”

I thought this was interesting.
A couple of weeks ago I got braces put on my teeth. Eating was now painful and laborious. A few days into it I noticed that my milk supply had gone down considerably. I thought I wasn’t getting enough food and needed to start drinking smoothies.
I finally ran into a lactation consultant friend of mine and mentioned my dilema to her. She assured me that food wasn’t the problem. If anything it would be liquids. But that hadn’t changed.
What did change was that it was allergy season and I started taking a very small dose of Allegra, which was approved by my pediatrition. The LC said it has been an ongoing debate with her and an OBGYN. The OB says it’s okay, while she says it dries the body out.
I stopped taking the Allegra and within two days my milk supply has increased ten fold, as well as my sniffles.
seasonally sneezy

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