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Parenting Books I’m Reading Now

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Here’s what’s piled on my desk, nightstand and bookshelf at the moment:
City Baby: The Ultimate Guide for New York City Parents from Pregnancy to Preschool,” By Kelly Ashton and Pamela Weinberg. Since we moved back to NY a couple of years ago this has been my bible. I used it to find a music class for the kids, a yoga class for me, and some sane advice about preschools. If you don’t live in NY, you may want to check out one of these other versions of the book: City Baby Brooklyn, City Baby Los Angeles and City Baby Chicago. City Baby Boston and City Baby D.C. are coming soon. (Full disclosure: I met Pamela recently and she gave me some insightful advice on the whole book business thing).
“the milk memos: how real moms learned to mix business with babies– and how you can, too,” by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette. This book was written by some moms who work at IBM. It started as a series of entries in a collective notebook the moms kept in the office lactation room. The book has excerpts from that diary as well as practical advice for breastfeeding moms who go back to work.
Finally, “How To Feel Manly in a Minivan: The Desperate Dad’s Survival Guide,” by Craig Boreth. Boreth’s first book, “How To Iron Your Own Damn Shirt,” explained what men need to know about being the perfect husband. Now he’s tackling parenthood, with a guide that explains how to become a dad with your masculinity, sanity and lower back intact. Sounds like a good Father’s Day gift to me. (Another full disclosure here, Craig is a friend of a friend and he’s been giving me lots of tips about book marketing).
Now, if I could just get the kids to stop throwing the books from my nightstand to the floor!

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I really enjoyed “The Milk Memos” and I just posted a book review on it yesterday!

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