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Silly Celebrity Breastfeeding Stories

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Here are the latest celebrity breastfeeding “tit bits.” I know, I know, hardly ground breaking news. But I can’t help my celebrity fascination. Plus, as far as I’m concerned…the more talk about breastfeeding in popular media, the better.
Amanda Peet reportedly talked about using her breast pump in an airport bathroom on Live with Regis and Kelly. (via Breastfeeding123). (Could NBC please bring back Studio 60? I’d love to see Jordan pump in her office).
Tobey -Spiderman-Maguire does diaper duty (and a little awkwardly at that) after his wife breastfeeds.
Marcia Cross (Bree on Desperate Housewives) is breastfeeding her twins.
Tori Spelling talks about some challenges of breastfeeding. Seems like she might benefit from a little help from a lactation consultant. But kudos to her for trying, and not giving up.
And finally, here’s one from a little while ago… Julie Bowen had vowed to “shock” her castmates by breastfeeding on the set of Boston Legal. I haven’t heard any updates on this one yet…but I’m hoping to see something soon from this fellow class of 1991 Brown alum.

3 Responses to “Silly Celebrity Breastfeeding Stories”

Nothing to do with breastfeeding, but… you’re Brown ’91? I bet we know some people in common. :)

I love celeb gossip, too!
However, the Amanda Peet article made me SAD. Pumping in an airport bathroom? I am hesitant to take my OWN food in an airport bathroom, much less prepare my kid’s food there. Seriously – that was just SAD, but she must not have had any options.

Is Julia Roberts still breastfeeding her twins? SHe made a very strange comment at the latest awards about findng a hungry child and holding her breasts! I’m excited to find out if she has been bresastfeeling this long!! Yeah!!

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