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Things That Happen After Weaning

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I’ve been visiting my brother and sister in law and their 6 day old little peanut…the G Man…and the strangest thing keeps happening. Every time I see the baby, one of my breasts starts to hurt, as if milk was coming in. It’s been nearly two weeks since I weaned The Bear, so it’s a bizarre sensation. It happens as soon as I walk in the door. And stops once I’ve left. Some milk must be still lurking around in there.
Anyone else have a similar tale? Still lactating after weaning?

2 Responses to “Things That Happen After Weaning”

I think lots of people experience this after weaning. Especially since its only been a few weeks. I know lots of moms that still have milk YEARS later!

I am trying to slowly wean my little dude. I am sure we will both miss our breastfeeding time once it is gone.

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