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Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me

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The lovely ladies over at Milk Memos tagged me to write this post. “Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me” has been making it’s way from blog to blog.
As an aside…you might remember I wrote a while back that I was reading “The Milk Memos,” a book written by some moms who work at IBM. It started as a series of entries in a collective notebook the moms kept in the office lactation room. The book has excerpts from that diary as well as practical advice for breastfeeding moms who go back to work.
So here goes with my eight little known facts:
1. I’m failing at toilet training our two year old. Today I tried to bribe him with ice cream. No luck.
2. I just got home from a modern dance class. I’m trying to pretend I’m not significantly older than a lot of the folks in the studio. Do you think they can tell?
3. They definitely would figure it out if I stopped coloring my hair. I’m pretty grey.
4. I have a photo of a brilliant blue star fish on my desk. It reminds me of snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. My husband saw sharks while scuba diving down there. Once I heard that I never went back in the water.
5. I like to dress our boys in matching outfits. Is that weird?
6. When we go to the playground I sometimes put The Bortsky (the older one) in a bright orange t-shirt so I can always see him. Maybe I should buy him a sports pinny.
7. I produce videos that non-profits use for fundraising and marketing. Here’s my website.
8. And click here if you want to watch some video of me from my days as a reporter. Embarrassing.
9. I eat at least two hunks of this a day.
10. One time my mom told me I was breastfeeding in a public place that wasn’t so great. My response: “Fine, I’ll move. But this is going in the book!” I have to admit now, she was sort of right.
UPDATE: And now an email I just got from my brother: “That was 10. You never were good at math.”

6 Responses to “Eight Things You Don’t Know About Me”

Andi, This made me laugh out loud!! I’ve know you for 10 years now, and I must admit, I never knew about your predilection for Baker’s Chocolate! Eri

That is really neat stuff you’re doing with your production company. Congratulations!

Wow, that was pretty interesting! I can’t wait to check out those videos now!!

Loved the video from your reporting days!
And do you really eat unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate? Really?
– I eat the semi-sweetened ones. The unsweetened ones are sort of nasty. — Andi

Hi Andi!
Love your Eight Things. I learned that we have a few things in common (besides writing books about breastfeeding):
a. I too am taking a modern dance class of sorts. I try to leave my inhibitions at the door and pray that that paparazzi doesn’t track me down – ha! Doesn’t it feel good to MOVE (and do something for yourself) instead of sitting in front of a computer?
b. I still dress my girls (3 and 5) in matching outfits. I figure I’ll do it until they object. (Not every day, mind you.)
c. I love the orange t-shirt idea, and will adopt it for my youngest asap.
Let’s stay in touch! Cate

I used to work in TV news as well! I was a producer, mainly the evening news. I also love the bright shirt idea.

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