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A Nursing Hat?

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Here’s a new one…. Want to discreetly breastfeed your baby in public? Put one of these hats with an enormous brim on your babe’s head. She’ll be shaded from the sun and you’ll be completely covered.
The MoBoleez hats come with some cute sayings too: “Au lait, s’il vous plait,” “Milky Way,” or “Time to tweet.”
Now, I haven’t actually tried one of these hats, but I did sort of concoct my own version last summer. I put my fuschia and white hat on The Bear’s head while he was nursing. Of course it didn’t stay on. Too big. And he managed to swat it away. Details. So maybe a hat properly sized for a baby will do the trick. Though I must say, I’d love to see what the baby looks like when she stops eating and sits up. Can she even see out from under that brim?!
Thanks to Babble for the “heads up” on this one!