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Advertising Works

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Here’s something for you to ponder…
The Bear (16 months) sometimes uses a sippy cup that has a picture of Sponge Bob on it. He calls the cup, and whatever is in it “baba.” Not all that original, but hey, he gets his point across when he’s thirsty.
Well today, we were on the beach. We walked past a lawn chair that had a picture of Sponge Bob on it. The Bear took one look at the chair and started shouting, “Baba, baba.”

One Response to “Advertising Works”

Too cute!
When Claire is thirsty she says, “I want apple juice!” Everything is apple juice to her; water, milk, lemonade.
I didn’t think we watched too much TV until the other day when my 4 year old over heard me say a shirt was stained and he helpfully replied, “You need Oxy Clean! It will get the stain out!”

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