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Buy A Mama Knows Breast T-Shirt, Baby Bib, Onesie

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A few friends…not mention family members…have had babies lately. And at long last I have the perfect baby gift. No need to visit the bookstore and the post office any more. Now I’m making a one stop shop to CafePress where I can buy a Mama Knows Breast baby bib and onesie.
I have to say, Cafe Press is really cool. I’ve set up my own shop where you can buy other items that say Mama Knows Breast. Adult t-shirts, maternity tops, mugs, pillows, hats, greeting cards, buttons, magnets, tote bags and even a teddy bear with a t-shirt area all for sale.
So come visit my store on CafePress. And by the way, credit for the fantastic design goes to my relative Toby. If you need a graphic artist, she’s amazing.

3 Responses to “Buy A Mama Knows Breast T-Shirt, Baby Bib, Onesie”

Lovely logo for your store items! You might want to consider adding women’s plus-size T-shirts, which Caf├ęPress offers, to accommodate plus-size moms.

LOL – now that is CUTE!! I love it. Good job, Toby! :)

what a cute logo! isn’t cafepress the best?? :)

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